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COVID-19 & A Stressed


Walking around my neighborhood, I always get the chance to find some meditation time, enjoy my surroundings, and evaluate life. This time I took a quiet path in the local park where I was able to observe a squirrel which looked -in my view- stressed. Was the squirrel stressed, or was it I stressed? Amazingly, I was facing lessons from nature! I was witnessing a squirrel's stress. I became aware of their struggles to find enough nuts, which, for sure, is not the thinking process about life in the same human terms I do. Consequently, for a quick moment, I thought to myself, "this lovely squirrel seems to be in pain, struggling, or stressed!

Then, as much as I tried to avoid thinking about it, my thoughts forced in, and I was suddenly evaluating the unexpected COVID-19 stress, the quarantine, and the uncertainty of a day-to-day struggle. Nature has given me once again a chance to ponder over simple events of natural emergence. How much pain and stress has the COVID-19 produced to humans and me? The question sounds so much like, "What type of pain can a squirrel undergo in this quarantine?" Then I stopped to fathom out this thought-provoking issue. I continued watching the young rodent going up and down a thick, dark-green pine tree. Whether it was she or he squirrel, it stirred my inquiring mind to ponder over the human being's motives to feel stressed and struggling, just like the squirrel in the park. Is life much more difficult these days? Instantly a movie popped up in my mind as I smiled to think of the most famous character in the film, yes, a squirrel.

If you have not seen Ice Age, you may be missing some fun movie time. Just take a moment to watch its trailer. You will undoubtedly meet a stressed squirrel! Does he know that he is struggling all the time in the movie? I doubt it. He is probably not even aware of his worries. He just wants his acorn. Most notably, as a therapist, I could not avoid observing his sad eyes amid constant stress, just like the tiny rodent at the park. The action and suspense background music in the film makes the little character of big popping eyes look funny, entertaining, captivating, and loving. I felt the same about my squirrel as I continued to sip my chamomile tea, I kept observing its survival behaviors.

Life can be amazing when we are ready to deal with stress that can deplete all sorts of armor acquired with experience, teaching & learning, training, or other simple ways of self-care such as meditation. Have you seen squirrels in a meditation mode? They seem to take time off to stop and figure what way to their acorn would be best for them. The two little paws in a 'namaste-like' position hint to me how I may avoid negative stress. Yes, squirrels struggle when a hurricane comes and shakes the pine trees, but that alone helps them get more acorns! Have you tried to figure out what type of positives COVID-19 has brought about in your life? For sure, your acorn is somehow your goals in life or your next achievement at school, at the gym, or work. Just like the squirrel. How do you hold on to your acorn in life?

What type of struggles needs your attention now? Are you ready for a life-rewarding learning moment? Let us discuss more in a therapy session. Feel free to call 954-501-0801 or email for your free session. Namaste!

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