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Goal setting

Are you ready to achieve your goals?

Desire to ACHIEVE something is the prerequisite. That is simply your natural capacity to start up with a DREAM idea, and imaginary idea of what you'd like to accomplish. Next, it is mandatory that you proceed to the evaluation, restructuring, and projection of your goals. This is something you can work in the safe environment of therapy sessions. You will work each step on realizing CHANGE to ACHIEVE and create successful results. Growth will derive from well set goals that you can design and choose; how you plan to achieve your goals is part of the assistance that you can find in each therapy session.

Progress Moving forward is mandatory despite all road blocks. To find progress you will need to focus on designing your achievement. For instance, among other options and therapeutic techniques, you can gain a lot through Choices Therapy. How you choose, evaluate and work on your preset objectives, in addition to any other goal selections you make, will impact your end result. In that sense, you have a unique privilege as you realize that by means of therapeutic options like Choices Therapy you can be the sole creator of your own success!

Taking off

What does it take to ACHIEVE or conquer your goals? It's a process that includes much learning, focusing, developing of skills, evaluating options, and much more. Your decision to get started is the first step! Procrastination is the worst enemy, just be aware. Thus, ACHIEVE by means of small efforts and forward steps every single day; that is the key to realizing your goals. Together with Dr. Rodriguez, you will have the opportunity to design your progress by means of and active, well defined plan that will help you move gradually toward your identified goals. So dear to dream, dear to start up the work, and fulfill your dreams!


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