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 Please refer to the frequent questions and answers (FQA) below to help you prepare for your therapy experience. For more information, email:

The Telehealth session

What is Telehealth?

Online video connection is now called 'telehealth.'

Where do I connect with my therapist?

You should receive an email to set up your therapy account or personal portal. Please check your spam folder. Once in your account, look for a camera icon in your calendar or appointment session – just click and connect.

What is a 'portal'?

Your account is a secure HIPPA-compliant virtual or online location to store your information. This is also called your 'portal.'

You create your User ID and Password to access your portal.

Can I connect with a regular phone call session instead of a video session?

After your first meeting, use the same Telehealth link with a voice connection only.

What is Telehealth?

Online video connection is now called 'telehealth.'

Can I talk to my therapist while driving or working with a machine?

No, therapy sessions ARE NOT ALLOWED while driving your car or operating a heavy machine or similar.

Do you offer face-to-face sessions?

Yes, in-person sessions are available following COVID State protocols. Email your therapist to set up your session (additional fees may apply)—Idem for home or office sessions. Please contact your therapist for more information.

Running Late for an appointment or No Show

What should I do if I am running late for an office or Telehealth session?

Take your time and drive safe, we can wait for you, but you must call or text 954-612-1984 to let us know.

  • Emailing your therapist may not be practical to reach them right away.

  • We use a 10-minute tolerance time to connect, so your text message or phone call will help extend the tolerance time.

  • Please note that arriving late to a session may reduce your session time.

  • We understand that you are busy, and your therapist will consider your situation by helping you with optional therapy homework.

What happens if I don't show to the session?

If you do not show to the session, a cancelation fee may apply. Please contact your therapist for more information.

How much is the cancelation fee?

The cancelation fee is equivalent to a regular office session without insurance coverage.

Can I connect with a regular phone call session instead of a video session?

After your first meeting, use the same Telehealth link with a voice connection only.

Do I need to pay a cancelation fee if I am sick?

A NO SHOW fees applies for any late cancelation. Always connect with your therapist before the session to avoid this situation.

Why do you charge a cancelation fee?

The fee compensates your therapist's time, preparation to meet you at each session, and scheduling. To avoid this fee, we appreciate your timely cancelation -48 hours before the session- to allow other clients on our schedule who may need immediate attention.

Preparing to connect

How should I prepare for a Telehealth connection?

  • Test your device (cellphone, iPad or tablet, computer or similar) before the session.

  • Cellphone connections work better when ‘Do not disturber’ is activated.

  • Use earphones for better sound reception.

  • Be sure to check with your Internet or cellphone provider for optimal connection.

  • It helps to check your time zone.

Using text messages

Can I text my therapist from cellphone?

  • Yes, share ONLY non-sensible personal information.

  • No, if it is an emergency, call 911 (in the USA).

  • Allow 48 hours to receive a therapist’s response.

Teletherapy telehealth connection protocol 

  • Dressing top-less or semi-top-less is not welcomed.

  • For optimal therapy satisfaction, children & pets need to be watched by someone else while you are in therapy.

  • Cellphones need to be off while you are in therapy.

  • Session cancellations are required 48 hours before the session.

  • About your therapy schedule:

    • Your therapy schedule is posted on your personal account or portal.

    • You may cancel or reschedule your appointment in the portal or by texting your therapist (48 hours in advance).

    • You will receive automatic messages via email and text in a link and reminder message to connect.

We DO NOT discuss any personal or sensitive information via texting

Please use the secure message in your portal to communicate with your therapist.

What happens if my therapist does not connect on the call or video conference?

  • Sometime, your therapist may experience a technology problem or other personal situations.

  • Please request a session reschedule.

  • Contact your therapist for more information.

What can I do if I need to call my therapist for an urgent matter?

If you feel that you cannot deal with a situation or feel in danger to yourself or others, be sure to reach out to your local Health Center or call 911 (in the USA),

Contact information*



EMERGENCY: Contact your local urgent care facility or call 911 (in the USA)


*Feel free to send communications in SPANISH to the above email addresses. Allow seven to 14 days for processing time. If your question is urgent, write 'urgent' on the subject line.


Updated June 2022

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