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Dr. Silvana Savio

Daniela Dechamps
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Dr. Savio is the founder and director of “Escribo mi Mundo”. She works with expressive and therapeutic writing to foster self-knowledge. She offers workshops to enhance communication with oneself. Her workshops on Guided Life Story and Letters I will Never Send, are very popular.


She integrates positive psychology together with a humanistic and a systemic perspective. This translates into a compassionate approach to each person, viewing people in their bio-psycho-social dimensions, and tapping into their strengths.
She considers that self-knowledge together with interpersonal skills are key factors for leading a balanced life, aligned one's personal values.


Dr. Savio authors of the book: “Los Que Quedaron. Padres y madres que perdieron a un hijo/a por suicidio. Libro de apoyo para un duelo consciente y reconstructivo”. (Amazon)


In addition to her passion for the inner emotional world, Dr. Savio loves to be in contact with nature, volunteering in humanitarian work, and foraging edible weeds and fruits.

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