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Are you ready to explore your potential with an experienced psychotherapist or a mentor in a non-judgmental environment? We welcome young and older adults. We provide services in English, Spanish, French and French Creole. Our approach includes psychosocial, psycho-educational, family, groups, couples, DBT, CBT, REBT, anger management, and physical activity. Take your first step in your journey. Book your appointment today or contact us for a free consultation session.



Dealing with life issues can be stressful. Achieving mental health may require specific and specialized steps likely to make you feel well and recovered. If your physician or someone that cares about you asks you to seek psychological help, don’t delay. You could start feeling better sooner than expected!

Are you ready to manage your stress, depression, anger, unhappiness, low physical activity, and other life factors?

Posttraumatic stress disorder

This type of issue is well known for its acronym (PTSD) that stands for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. It is about dealing with issues of the past that require prompt attention because it can cause depression and high levels of negative stress.

Anger Management

Do you have a short fuse or hot temper? How prone are you to anger, and how well do you handle it? Do you often have intense, angry feelings? If you sometimes find yourself acting in a way that seems out of control and frightening, It may be time to seek help.

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Working with "Positive Psychology" helps a lot. Highly recommended. Thanks"
I am now focused on becoming a better me and would highly recommend Dr. Rodriguez to anyone who wants to get their life on track.”
It doesn’t matter what religion you are how old you are or what sex you are, they can help you to understand."

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