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Dr. Silvana A. Savio

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Dr. Silvana A. Savio has a bio-psycho-social vision of the individual, with a focus on strengths to achieve a balanced life, aligned with one’s own values.

Dr. Savio offers:

  • Personal guidance in life cycle transitions and grief, to reorganize life in the desired direction.
  • Expressive and therapeutic writing workshops, to improve communication with oneself, facilitate self-knowledge, reflection and legacy.
  • Individual mentoring on one’s life story, either as a legacy or as a personal review process.

Dr. Savio is the founder and director of ‘Escribo mi Mundoa center for therapeutic writing. The most popular programs are Guided Life Stories, Writing to Oneself, and Letters I’ll Never Send.

She is the author of the suppork book for parents that lost a child to suicide:
“Los que Quedaron. Padres y madres que perdieron a un hijo/a por suicidio. Libro de apoyo para un duelo consciente y reconstructivo”; available in Amazon or by contacting her directly.

She has also written two books that address the interior world of unspoken emotions: “Cincuenta Perlas”, with brief stories, and  “Todo fue Poesía”, a selection of her poems.

In addition to her passion for the emotional world, which she expresses through writing as well as singing, Dr. Savio loves being in contact with nature, doing volunteer humanitarian work in the Amazonas, making handmade bookbinding, and foraging.

Dr. Silvana A. Savio bases her work on humanistic psychology and positive psychology, with a systemic approach. She obtained her Ph.D. in Psychology from University of Palermo, Argentina, in 2011. She has a Master’s degree in Couple and Family Therapy, from Nova Southeastern University, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA, since 2005. She earned a degree in Psychological Counseling from Holos, Argentina, in 1998, and a MA in English Translation from Universidad del Salvador, Argentina, in 1986.

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